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Case Lens on Emotional Intelligence In the Backdrop of Hollywood Movie, Creed*

ET Cases, 2.40 Minutes
AUTHOR(S) : Y. Bala Bharathi and Dr. Nagendra V. Chowdary

Teaching Note Preview

Case Lens on Emotional Intelligence In the Backdrop of Hollywood Movie, Creed



This Case Lens on Emotional Intelligence is prepared to sensitize the students to five importantattributes of Emotional Intelligence (EI) as highlighted by Daniel Goleman. The much-acclaimed movie and the seventh sequel in Rocky fighting franchise, Creed, is all about how Adonis Johnson (Adonis) becomes ‘Creed’ building his own legacy in boxing with his EI. A thorough analysis of how each of the five elements of EI get played out in different contexts of the movie offers valuable career and behavioral insights.

Prerequisite Exercise

The students/participants need to mandatorily watch the movie, Creed, honoring all the expected IPR issues. The temptation of either exhibiting the movie in the classroom or the students/participants downloading the movie from any hosting sites should be desisted lest we set unwarranted precedents in violating mandatory IPRs.

Participants should also read about the five elements of Daniel Goleman’s EI model.

Classroom Orchestration

This Case Lens (The video introducing this Case Lens and the accompanying 5 questions) can be orchestrated in the classroom in the following suggested flow:

  • 1. Asking the students/participants to view the movie 2-3 days before the classroom discussion
  • 2. Playing/exhibiting the Case Lens video in the classroom
  • 3. Ideally, faculty/facilitator should analyze the first question and the remaining four questions should be analyzed by the participants/students. The class should be divided into 4 Learning Teams and ask them to prepare for all the 4 questions. After giving them about 15 minutes, the classroom discussion/analysis should be attempted. This can happen either by asking one of the teams randomly to present their analysis or each team should be allowed to lead a discussion for each of the questions
  • 4. The time required to answer each question will vary (the suggested timings are given in Exhibit (TN)-I) and it is highly recommended that the last 5 minutes should be spent on debriefing and synthesizing. The debriefing segment should be used to synthesize the expected learning outcomes of this Case Lens Accordingly, this Case Lens’ suggested classroom orchestration would be:



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This Case Lens on Emotional Intelligence is being prepared in the backdrop of the Hollywood movie, Creed. While this movie can be analyzed from different lenses, this Case Lens makes an attempt to understand the nuances and demonstration of all the 5 elements of Emotional Intelligence (EI) – Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills. Creed is a movie about how Adonis Johnson (Adonis) reluctantly adopts the legacy of his illustrious boxing legend father, Apollo Creed and becomes a champion in his own right with the support and guidance of another boxing legend, Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone).

The 133-minutes movie is replete with enough dosages of EI which when analyzed with the help of how each of the 5 components get played out in different contexts can offer quite relevant career and behavioral insights. What is Emotional Intelligence? Why is it important for an individual’s progress, especially in a corporate context? Can each of the 5 elements of EI be influenced and made to shift to the positive realm with any external reinforcement?

Pedagogical Objectives

  • To understand the importance and nuances of the 5 elements of EI from the lens of an aspiring boxing professional
  • To discuss and debate on how the 5 elements of EI get played out under different circumstances and how the negative and positive outcomes affect Adonis’ career prospects
  • To analyze the ways and means to improve as well as balance the desired behavioral purport of each of the 5 elements in an individual’s progress – in personal and professional lives

Case Lens Positioning
This Case Lens, as a pedagogical tool, can be used in either of the following:

  • MBA Programs – Organizational Behavior course – Career Management module – To understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence in an organizational context
  • Executive Development Programs/MDPs – To sensitize the participants to the importance of the various attributional traits of Emotional Intelligence in their successful career pursuits

*It should be noted that participants/ students are expected to see the movie before they participate in a classroom discussion/analysis of any of the CASELENS’ products

This Case Pack Includes:
- Abstract
- Case Lens
- Teaching Note (**ONLY for Academicians)
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