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Scaling up a Startup iKure’s People and Organizational Challenges

ET Cases, 33.20 minutes
PUBLISHED DATE: 17/02/2015
Product code: CASE BRIEF-4

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Ideally suited to introduce Organizational Behavior course, this Case Brief sensitizes the participants/students to the scope of purported intent of Organizational Behavior Course presented by iKure Founder and CEO, Sujay Santra. This Case Brief enables an appreciation of five of the most important aspects of organizational behavior course - Attitudes (Job Satisfaction), Motivation, Team Building, Organizational Structure and Organizational Culture. Being a very successful affordable-healthcare startup, located in Kolkata (operating in the remote villages of West Bengal, India), iKure's organizational challenges are quite intriguing and when these are interspersed with the composition of the team, the learning outcomes can be quite pronouncing.

Pedagogical Objectives

  • To construct the basic premises of Organizational Behavior Course through iKure's organizational startup challenges
  • To help iKure's Founder and CEO, Sujay Santra to resolve his dilemmas on having the perfect attitude for the progressive startup, motivating his startup team members, fostering comradeship amongst his startup team, designing the most appropriate organizational structure and creating a high-performance and purposeful organizational culture

Positioning and Setting

This case brief can be suitably used to introduce the Organizational Behavior Course either in MBA program, Executive MBA program or any of the five modules (Attitudes and Job Satisfaction, Motivation, Team Building, Organizational Structure and Organizational Culture) on Organizational Behavior.

This Case Pack Includes:
- Abstract
- Case Brief (Video Case Brief)
- Case Response (Video Case Response)
- Teaching Note
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