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Role of Institutional Dynamics and other Factors towards Sustainable Pedagogical Innovations – A Case of an Indian Premier B-School*

ET Cases - FLAME, 13 Pages
AUTHOR(S) : Dr. Vinita Sinha - Associate Professor, Prof. Sanjay Bhattacharya - Assistant Professor - Symbiosis International University, Pune

Case Preview

Role of Institutional Dynamics and other Factors towards Sustainable Pedagogical Innovations – A Case of an Indian Premier B-School

The present case is about a premier B-School located in the western India. The B-School is known for its best teaching practices, innovation and research. An intense academic curriculum is designed such that it prepares students to deliver their best. Leading Management institutes have already begun the process of internalizing in terms of creating finest future managers for the needs of a modern technology driven world and the complexities that students will face in a global marketplace. So, the need was felt at this B-School as well to understand the dynamics of practicing technology and innovation from the perspectives of faculty members who are the key pillars of any institute. Teaching practices and educational pedagogies help in shaping the student learning experience and advance motivation and achievement. Research shows various methods for valorizing professors known for their teaching quality (Parents and Lessard, 1979) which has been instrumental in achieving the above objective. In today’s global business context, several studies have been conducted to highlight the need for revamping the content and pedagogical approach of educational programs in business schools, in hopes that it responds even better to the demands of the management students and the business world. Given the above context, the main purpose of the present case study is to examine the factors impacting the innovation in pedagogy and teaching learning practices in a premier management institute in India. The case study intends to explore the contextual factors and leadership approach towards the sustenance of innovative teaching pedagogies practiced in the classrooms. In the past few decades, research has shown to give more weight to B-Schools as a learning organization and has acknowledged additional kinds of professional practices of teaching staff, including co-operating in teams and professional development of professors............


Annexure I: Questionnaire

Annexure II: Responses of the Participants to the Close-ended Questions

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This case study discusses and addresses the challenges faced by a Management School which is strategically in a prime city of Western India. The Management School has been known for its excellence in teaching rigor, best practices and innovations. But, it faces the challenges in terms of sustaining the best practices and innovations at large. Therefore, the main objective of the present case is to highlight the institutional or contextual dynamics or factors which play an instrumental role in sustaining with the innovative or unique pedagogical practices during the teaching learning process. The case intends to highlight the vital practices that play an important role in initiating and sustaining with the innovative teaching learning approach. The current case also addresses the hindrances that faculty members of the school may be facing in adopting or sustaining with the innovative pedagogical approaches. The case also emphasizes on the effect of leadership approaches and contextual dynamics that influence innovative practices in teaching learning process. Questionnaires and interviews served as the main research methods within this study. To address above stated objectives, 15 full-time faculty members were given a customized questionnaire to capture their views pertaining to their best innovative pedagogical approaches, contextual dynamics, and leadership approaches, hurdles faced in adopting or sustaining with these practices.

The case discussed the importance of fostering and sustaining innovative pedagogical practices, contextual dynamics and impacts of leadership approach in a management institute.

Pedagogical Objectives

  • To highlight the contextual or institutional factors in the B-School that affect sustenance of innovative pedagogical practices
  • To investigate the impact of leadership approach in the sustenance of innovative pedagogical practices amongst the faculty members of the B-School
  • To emphasize the best innovative teaching pedagogies practiced by the B-School professors across the disciplines

Case Positioning and Setting

This case study can be used for MBA or Executive MBA students in the following courses/modules:

  • Strategic Management – How B-Schools are imbibing innovative pedagogical practices
  • Leadership - Analyzing the role of leadership in sustaining the innovative teaching pedagogies


This Case Pack Includes:
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