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Jockey – Product Positioning Strategies

ET Cases, 5 pages
AUTHOR(S) : kumar Gambhiraopet and Dr. Nagendra V. Chowdary

Case Preview

Jockey – Product Positioning Strategies


Expected Learning Outcomes

• The relationship between product positioning and consumer imagery, i.e. how positioning statements can influence consumer imagery
• How Jockey stayed firm with its product-focused positioning strategy over the decades without having any brand endorsers, unlike other players in the innerwear product category in India
• How firms , with their trade-offs, can achieve market success as illustrated by Jockey's product-focused strategy
• How Jockey, with its omni-channel marketing, is able to achieve a strategic fit between its manufacturing, marketing (through omni-channel marketing), distribution, packaging and most importantly how the same have been converted into a well-crafted positioning statement



I. Innerwear Positioning Strategies, Positioning Platforms and Consumer Imagery

1. What had been the driving factor to purchase a specific brand of innerwear in your case? Is it the product attributes (color, style, cut, material, designs, patterns, etc.) or the image/positioning of the brand? Which of these two would condition your mind?
2. The base article points out that “innerwear is a low involvement category” – Do you agree with this? If yes, why? If no, how do you define the degree of involvement in purchasing an innerwear brand?
3. What is consumer imagery? How is it influenced by positioning? Can positioning statements/strategies influence the consumer imagery? If yes, can you give some examples?
4. ............................


Exhibit I: Brands and Consumer Imagery

Exhibit II: Jockey’s Positioning Strategy


Teaching Note Preview

Jockey – Product Positioning Strategies



This Case Flyer enables an interesting debate on how product-focused positioning strategy would garner a sizeable competitive advantage. Page Industry’s (licensee and franchisee) Jockey brand continues to be a market leader in innerwear product category with its product-focused positioning strategies over the decades. Jockey’s product imagery is based on its unique positioning strategy leveraging its robust distributional network and integrated marketing communications. This strategy had sustained in the wake of its competitors resorting to stereotyping the innerwear segment as a seduction accessory or a celebrity endorsement. This case flyer derives some useful insights like Jockey’s valuable contribution in making the innerwear category to a more involved category with its variety product offerings. Does this positioning statement gel with the customers? Does this strategy help ensure sales conversions? Suitable for understanding the concept of how companies flourish in the reflected glory of unique product imagery/positioning, this case flyer questions the credibility of such strategies.

Prerequisite Conceptual Understanding and Before the Case Flyer Discussion in the Classroom

The participants were asked to read the topics given as mandatory readings at the end of the Case Flyer for them to participate effectively and to enrich the learning outcomes

Positioning and Setting

This Case Flyer can be used for ‘Consumer Behaviour’ course to illustrate the concept of ‘Consumer Imagery’ (in ‘Consumer Perception’ chapter) and how its uniqueness would sustain the brand equity in the long run.

Suggested Orchestration
During the Case Flyer Discussion in the Classroom

The discussion on the Case Flyer was conducted under three broad related topics [Exhibit (TN)-I]. The classroom analysis of the Case Flyer was carried out by discussing each of the questions of the case flyer. However, for each of the three sections, the discussion focussed on an ‘anchor point of discussion’............


Exhibit (TN)-I: Discussion Dashboard

Exhibit (TN)-II : Brands and Consumer Imagery

Exhibit (TN)-III : Positioning Influence on Consumer Imagery

Exhibit (TN)-IV : Positioning Themes of Various Innerwear Brands in India

Exhibit (TN)-V: Consumer Buying Involvement vs Extendable Product Features

Exhibit (TN)-VI: Just Jockeying - Campaign

Exhibit (TN)-VII: Jockey ‘s Positioning Strategy

Exhibit (TN) VIII: Jockey Introduces Shapewear

Exhibit (TN)-IX: Jockey’s Brand Appeal

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This case flyer and the base article1 can be used for understanding the context of developing sustainable product positioning strategies. The case flyer highlights how the worldclass innerwear brand, Jockey adhered to its product positioning strategy over the years and yet continues to dominate its product category. Page Industry's (licensee and franchisee) Jockey brand continues to be the market leader in the innerwear product category with its product-focused positioning strategies over the decades. The innerwear segment in India is cluttered and most of the time, the mens innerwear positioning had revolved around the overt machismo (often endorsed by Bollywood film stars and positioned to invoke 'sex appeal'). While other brands largely portrayed innerwear as a 'seduction accessory', Jockey braved the head winds and adhered to its unique positioning, 'Jockey or Nothing'. How did Jockey sustain its winning streak to stay relevant? How did it reinvent itself with the same positioning strategy over the decades?

Pedagogical Objectives

  • To understand the relationship between positioning strategy and consumer imagery (i.e., how positioning statements influence consumer imagery) and discuss on the positioning platforms in innerwear product category vis-à-vis other product categories
  • To understand how the innerwear brand, Jockey (through its Indian franchisee Page Industries India Limited), stayed relevant over the decades with its focused product-specific positioning in its product category without having any borrowed brand equity (through brand endorsers)
  • To analyse the desirability of strategic fit between positioning, distribution network and marketing communication in the light of Jockey's sustained product-focused positioning strategy

Positioning and Setting

This Case Flyer can be used for 'Consumer Behavior' course to illustrate the concept of 'Consumer Imagery' (in 'Consumer Perception' chapter) and how it uniqueness would sustain the brand equity in the long run.

1 Amit Bapna,'Jockey sticks to its brief(s), doesn't go for celeb models', jockey-sticks-to-its-briefs-doesnt-go-for-celeb-models/articleshow/40400791.cms, August 20th 2014

This Case Pack Includes:
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- Analysis
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