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IIM Lucknow’s Manjunath Shanmugam: Purpose-Driven Personality and the Value of Values - Interview with Ganesh Raj

ET Cases, 4 pages
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Product code: OB-1-0033B/2


Ganesh Raj was Manjunath Shanmugam's childhood friend and a staunch supporter of the movie - Manjunath. He has been close to Manjunath's family before and after his tragic death. In this case view, he is reminiscent of his friendship with Manjunath right from the college days. He says that Manjunath could charm anyone with his simplicity. Ganesh Raj narrates anecdotes that bring out Manjunath's love for music, football and theatre. He emphasizes that Manjunath always stood for his values integrity, honesty and being straight forward and explains that Manjunath's mother was the foundation of his value system.

This Case Pack Includes:
- Case View
- Case Suite (Video Case Suite)
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