Welcome to The World of Big Data!! Presented in small formats. If the future belongs to Big Data and Data Scientists, CASE MINING is ET CASES' endeavor to enhance the data interpretation abilities. Correlation is the superhero in the world of Big Data. While Statistics can help establish a correlation, in a dynamic and complex business world, the ability to connect the dots and correlate the seemingly unrelated data for it to become useful information, for effective decision-making is an important capability.

The future belongs to those who can preempt customers' expectations and serve them with unique value propositions. There is no way to presuppose customers' expectations except to gather all the relevant data from all the wakeful sources (and therefore Big Data!) and build meaningful relationships amongst the data points to serve them better.

CASE MINING would be a data interpretation platform bringing together several data points from myriad sources – across industries, companies,  geographies, etc., – to hone the data interpretation abilities.

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