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Business Dilemmas of a Mobile Food Joint: ‘Parathawallas and Grills’

ET Cases, 10.37 minutes
PUBLISHED DATE: 07/05/2015
Product code: MKTG-5-0019, MKTG-5-0019A

Business dilemmas of a mobile food joint 'Parathawallas and Grills' operating in Hyderabad, India


This Case Spot explores the business dilemmas of a mobile food joint 'Parathawallas and Grills' operating in Hyderabad, India. The business dilemmas are related to strategic positioning and product positioning, variety of product offerings, structuring of customer service operations, business planning and the feasibility and scope of scaling up the business. This case spot enables the participants to deliberate about the specific challenges faced by the 'Parathawallas and Grills'. The dilemmas explored in this case spot would sensitize the students to the basic building blocks of a business. Ideally, this case spot can be taken up as the introductory case for the first semester of the General Management program (Business Basics course/module) to sensitize students to basic building blocks of operating a business. It also offers the scope to recognize and debate about the challenges that could come up in any business irrespective of the scale of business.

Pedagogical Objectives

  • To develop a sense of appreciation and build a need analysis for the basic building blocks of running any business
  • To understand the business architecture/business elements of a mobile food business and juxtapose the learnings thereof for a large-scale business
  • To discuss and debate on the challenges faced by T J Singh and Jagjit Singh's venture- the 'Parathawallas and Grills'

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