Case Writing, Case Teaching and Case Prep Workshops

CASE COACH is ET CASES' initiative to train all the interested individuals in case teaching, case writing and case research. Highly useful for management faculty, research scholars, research organizations, independent / freelance researchers, etc, CASE COACH's advocacy theme of evangelizing case methodology would be to spread the case pedagogy far and wide in its purest form. It had been about 100 years since the case studies had been introduced as a pedagogical tool and even now, the clarity on why and how of case methodology is far from what is desirable. Why case studies for business schools? What are the different types of case studies? Should a Case Study be discussed or analysed? How to analyse the exhibits and link them to mainstream case analysis? How to orchestrate a classroom during a case  discussion/analysis? How to evaluate students based on case methodology? How to write a case study? Are there any guidelines to document a well-researched case study? How to prepare the teaching plan? Is there any difference between a teaching note and a teaching plan? How to do Case Course Mapping? How to convert research output into case studies? How to convert some of the consulting assignments into rich case studies?  CASE COACH would walk you through all these and many more dilemmas. It is a platform to resolve your dilemmas before you analyse others' dilemmas.


CASEPREP is an answer to management students' inhibitions and dilemmas before they embark upon resolving business dilemmas; How to prepare for a case study? How to analyse the case facts? How to analyse case exhibits? How to write a WAC (written analysis for case)? How to link the background material to the case facts? How to contextualize the case facts from the stand point of a specific chapter? What is the role of learning teams in a case preparation? Should a case just be presented or should a case be analysed? How to write a case study? How can I convert my summer internship project, or any assignment into a case study? CASE PREP is ET CASES' initiative to train management students in case pedagogy.





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