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Chandrika Pasricha's Flexing it: Flexible Working = Maximum Job Satisfaction, Optimum Value!

Chandrika Pasricha’s Flexing It
ET Cases, 12 pages
AUTHOR(S) : Dr. Nagendra V. Chowdary
Rs 0
Product code: HRM-1-0003B


Case View with Chandrika Pasricha, Founder & CEO, Flexing It Services Private Ltd.

Flexing It was founded by Chandrika Pasricha, a management consultant with over 15 years of industry experience. Flexing It is an online, curated marketplace that connects professionals and organizations for projects, consulting assignments and other short-term, part-time and flexible work structures. In this Case View, Chandrika shares about her consulting career and the entrepreneurial triggers behind Flexing It. She explains the difference between flexi-working and flexible working and their implications for India Inc.'s HR. Chandrika elaborates on the company's business/operating/revenue model. She also speaks about the future trends in flexible working in India.

Rs 0

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