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Chenetha Colour Weaves’ Karghaa Brand: Social Impact with Commercial Success***

WDI Publishing, 20 Pages
AUTHOR(S) : Vandana Jayakumar and Dr. Nagendra V. Chowdary
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Product code: Chenetha Colour Weaves - Case Study


This case study aims at understanding how a socially relevant business model can be structured with co-creation from its stakeholders. Handloom weaving, a livelihood platform for scores of people, is in the danger of getting extinct which would result in disappearance of the art and displacement of lakhs of families. While the weavers are suffering, their products are thriving. Chenetha Colour Weaves’ Sudha Rani was able to demystify this perplexity with ‘Karghaa’ brand.

Pedagogical Objectives

    • To examine the value chain architecture of handloom products
    • To analyze the challenges of structuring a socially relevant and commercially viable business model through reverse positioning of handloom products
    • To explore the role of Sudha as a social change agent in shaping a successful social enterprise
    • To evaluate the stakeholder approach in a commercially viable social enterprise

Case Positioning and Setting

This case study is primarily suitable for graduate level management students to teach the concepts of designing and operationalizing a “social” business model in a social entrepreneurship module. This case study can also be used for highlighting business model innovations in the social sector of emerging markets


***Honorable mention in the 2015 Next Billion competition

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