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Chenetha Colour Weaves' Karghaa Brand - Co-Creating Value with Color D Earth (Case Suite)

ET Cases, 135.44 minutes
PUBLISHED DATE: 15/02/2015
Product code: CASE SUITE-010

Popular Telugu TV anchor, Jhansi, shares her experience of having patronized hand woven saris by Chenetha Color Weaves' Karghaa brand


In this Case Suite (video interview) with ET CASES, popular Telugu TV anchor, Jhansi, shares her experience of having patronized hand woven saris by Chenetha Color Weaves' Karghaa brand and why it is important to encourage the weaving community. Chenetha Color Weaves (CCW) is a handloom weaver-owned and managed social enterprise promoted by two mutually aided cooperative societies Chitiki and Ratnam. It began with a convergence of ideas and vision of individuals and organizations. Chetana Society has nurtured CCW, and with Oxfam India providing financial support, this non-profit organization continues to anchor its growth and consolidation.

The core idea behind CCW is to enable equitable and sustainable livelihood for handloom weaver communities, especially women, by linking them to contemporary markets through enhanced incomes, ownership, knowledge and skills. It seeks to build an alternative paradigm with ethical business practices, fair wages to weavers and revival of traditional designs and art, starting with Ikat.


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