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"Case-method is a well-established pedagogy in many B Schools all over the world. The aim of CRSI is to propagate learning and teaching based on the case method in management education. CRSI is an independent, non-profit professional society that seeks to promote and propagate case methodology. It has conducted several open as well as customized educational courses to promote the pedagogy among the faculty and professionals in the field. CRSI has ambitious growth plans. We expect the alliance with ET Cases to open up new avenues for teaching with and for writing cases in India. We hope this will mature into a longtime partnership to impact and shape the adoption and acceptance of the case method in Indian business schools and training establishments"

- Prof. T T Narendran
President, CRSI

Prof. T T Narendran
IIT Madras



"CRSI’s partnership with ET Cases solves a critical problem in the adoption of case method among the numerous business schools across the country – a credible source of good quality cases. This collaboration is meant to enhance the access to good quality cases for Indian Business school educators, as well as those that intend to educate their students about Indian corporations/ organizations.

CRSI views this partnership with ET cases as a Launchpad to expand its case workshop offerings and create a strong multiplier effect in the successful adoption of good quality cases by business school educators across the country."

- Prof. R Srinivasan
Vice President, CRSI

Prof. R Srinivasan
IIM Bangalore