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"This MOU will be helpful in planning numerous engagements with ET Cases so as to provide impetus to writing of cases pertaining to the Indian companies by our own faculty members. Presently, faculty members of Indian B' Schools rely mostly on Cases written on Western companies written by western authors. This must change as in most functional areas western approach to tackling of business issues may not suffice. Therefore, there is a need of writing good cases on Indian companies. ET Cases, on account of their connect with The Economic Times, should provide a good platform for our faculty members to get ready reference of companies and their issues so as to plan and write substantive Indian Cases. FLAME CASE CONFERENCE, to be organized at FLAME Campus from July 10-11, 2015, is our first joint activity to promote the writing of Cases on Indian companies by Indian authors. In this conference, Cases selected for participation will be adjudged for three ‘ET Cases – FLAME Awards’ including the ‘Best Case Award’, ‘Young Case Writer Award’ and ‘Case Innovation Award’. This case conference particularly intends to provide platform for discussion and feedback to writers engaged in developing cases on Indian companies.
We are excited to collaborate with ET Cases and intend to have many more such events together."

- Prof. Manoj Kumar

Prof. Manoj Kumar Chairman, FLAME Center for Case Development


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