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New Zealand: Women Leadership in Pandemic Crisis

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AUTHOR(S) : Dr Sarika Lohana, Post- Doctoral Research Fellow, State Bank Institute of Leadership, Kolkata and Mrs. Sundara Krishna Soujanya, Assistant Professor, Aditya Global Business School, Surampalem

Case Preview

New Zealand: Women Leadership in Pandemic Crisis

The Role of leaders in business and politics cannot be left untested during this tough time global pandemic COVID 19. A never experienced and seen in the lifetime, such a huge crisis that has rollout the view of impatient global audience. When the leaders across the globe are walking on the tightrope of balancing the decrease in COVID 19 cases or death rates and on the other end their economics. A crisis is often brief as the time between the old presence not-ready-to-die, and the novel not-ready-to-get-in. ............


Jacinda Kate Laurel Ardern was born on 26th July, 1980. Her father Ross Ardern worked as a career line enforcement officer and reached the heights of government high Commissioner New Zealand. Her mother Laurel sacrificed her job in office administration to work in the college cafeteria of Morrisville college. Jacinda has an elder sibling named Lousia. Her childhood was spent watching children without shoes on their feet and nothing to eat for lunch. Her formative years were spent in Murupara, where lots of Maori gang activities used to took place. ...........

Impact of Stress on Employees and Organizations

According to the surveys conducted by Optum and, two of the leading providers of employee assistance programs to Indian organizations, there is a substantial increase in the number of severely depressed employees and those vulnerable to end their lives due to intolerable stress levels. The research findings of the survey – conducted by Optum among 800,000 employees in 70 large companies having a minimum workforce of 4,500................

In 2001 she completed her Graduation in communication studies. After graduation, Jacinda Ardern became a researcher for another Labor MP, Phil Goff which lead her to the position as the staff of Prime Minister Helen Clark, who was Ardern’s political hero and mentor. Helen Clark was the second woman to hold New Zealand’s highest office...................

In 2014 her role was enhanced as spokesperson for Arts, culture and Heritage, Children, Justice, and Small Business by Labor leader. Ardern became a lapsed Mormon when she took strong opposition to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ and voiced her opinions on homosexuality and same sex marriage. She also performed the role of Disc Jockey during this time...............

Terrorist attack

On 15th March 2018 Australian gunmens attacked on Christ church in which 51 people were killed. Few hours after the attack address the public gathering and condemn the attack in reaction to the terrorist attack, Jacinda made immediate changes to the Gun laws of the Nation and banned all assault rifles and military style semi-automatic....................

Assignment Questions>

I. Which leadership style do you think a leader would need to be effective in this Situation?

II. How could Jacinda most effectively use both management and leadership skills in her role as Prime Minister?







Annexure I: Time line of Events and Decisions taken in New Zealand during Covid 19

Annexure II: Total cases by District Health Board

Annexure III: Daily Confirmed and Probable Cases

Annexure IV: Tests per day for COVID-19

Teaching Note Preview

New Zealand: Women Leadership in Pandemic Crisis


The case covers the successful attempts made by Jacinda Ardern the youngest Prime Minister of New Zealand. Since the beginning of her political career, she being a woman faced many challenges while handling the major issues of human and natural disasters. Her visionary and empathetic approach of handling the circumstances. Jacindas’ untiring efforts to stabilize and normalize the crisis situations and continuous support to her from the citizens of New Zealand, resulted in making peace and harmony during the disaster phase such as Terror attack and COVID 19 pandemic. Her skill sets and abilities of taking corrective and timely decisions in the betterment of public at large has created a trustworthy image of her among the citizens of New Zealand. The case specifically discusses the success story of Jacinda Ardren, how she being a women and Prime Minister of New Zealand not only faced Political, Human and Natural Disaster hurdles but also tackled them effectively with her leadership traits.

Learning Objectives

This case can be taught at the undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate level in courses on leadership and crisis management. It helps in understanding generic questions to leadership, especially during crisis situation. After going through the case and assignment questions, students will be able.

• To understand leader’s character and the qualities required for the leader.

• To identify leadership behavior in crisis / disaster situation.

• To understand how to successfully navigate crisis / disaster by overcoming barriers to recovery.

Case Positioning and Setting

This case be positioned in International and Leadership courses can be used to Undergraduate / PG level students for Specialization Disaster/ crisis Management and leadership.

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During the pandemic Covid 19, confirmed death cases are six times less in countries with women in power in comparison to the countries led by men. Will this positively influence us and garner our attention to elect and promote more women in power? On 26th October 2017, at the age of 37, Jacinda Ardern became the New Zealand youngest Prime Minister. The third female and the second one in the world to bear children during power. After being haunted by media about her personal plans to have children. She replied that it is completely a woman’s choice to make that decision which should not influence.

Whether she should be given job opportunities or not. This case portrays major crisis and disaster management methods followed by Jacinda as being leader of a 5 million populated nation. The case discusses the violent mass shooting by an extremist at two mosques in Christchurch on 15th March 2019 in which about 51 people were killed. Jacinda faced the questions raised by the media in a refined manner. During the recent pandemic of corona virus that disrupted the face of the entire globe the first case in New Zealand was recorded on 28 February 2020. The case highlights surfeit of challenges faced by Jacinda being a woman holding supreme position. The case throws light on the visionary efforts of Jacinda Arden in tackling the situation efficiently through her Leadership traits and effective managerial skills in bringing down the Covid 19 cases to zero by 8th June 2020. The world didn’t need a pandemic to realize that people are generally better off when their leaders are smart, honest, and modest. But we are glad to see the public, and especially the media, fall in love with the leaders who display these qualities — daily and publicly — while keeping their nations safe at the same time. It’s a lesson we think will bear fruits and multiply.

Pedagogical Objectives

    • To understand leader’s character and the qualities required for the leader.
    • To identify leadership behavior in crisis / disaster situations.
    • To understand how to successfully navigate crisis / disaster by overcoming barriers to recovery.

Case Positioning and Setting

This case is based on International and Leadership courses can be used Undergraduate / PG level students for Specialization Crisis / Disaster Management and Leadership.

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