There is a wonderful connect between movies and management. Classrooms’ effectiveness can be enhanced quite dramatically when appropriate movies are used for complementing the course’s learning outcomes.  If seeing is believing, several movies can be used to complement the classroom learning. While some of them can be used to orchestrate a particular theme / concept independently, several of these movies’ plots can be used to underscore the importance of several concepts / themes. For instance, if one wants to show the influencing power and the corresponding impact of Pygmalion effect (also called Rosenthal Effect), 1938 Movie, “Pygmalion” (Bernard Shaw) can be shown.

How to Get Ahead in Advertising (1989)


Dennis Dimbleby Bagley is a brilliant young advertising executive who can't come up with a slogan to sell a revolutionary new pimple cream. His obsessive worrying affects not only his relationship with his wife, his friends and his boss, but also his own body - graphically demonstrated when he grows a large stress-related boil on his shoulder. But when the boil grows eyes and a mouth and starts talking, Bagley really begins to think he's lost his mind. But has he?

Up in the Air (2009)


It is a good movie for any marketing student as it deals with HR issues, communication skills and personal issues of a businessman. It also shows how it is important to look at the bigger picture when thinking about efficiency in business.

Minority Report (2002)


Concept of creating Targeted Advertisements

The Joneses (2009)


Reveals those of tricks of how to indirectly convince people to buy a product.

Glengarry Glen Ross (1992)


 Literally, the ABC’s of selling.

The Candidate (1972)


Film about the election campaign of a candidate for the Senate, serving as a pretext to show the inner workings of American politics and political marketing.

Wall Street (1987)


Wall Street is the story of a young stock broker who wants to get to the top in a hurry. An important movie for any marketing or management student who is entering the world of business and possibly dreams of making big in a short time.

Network (1976)


Network is a classic from the 1970’s. A sarcastic movie with great dialogues that talk about the hypocrisies of business without being preachy.

Inside Job (2010)


An important movie to watch for everyone but especially for someone starting his career in the business world. It explains how the recession of 2008 which has changed the world irreversibly happened because of the greed of a few individuals.

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