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Case View with Ankita Sheth - Online Budget Hotels: Aggregators to Accumulators

Case View with Ankita Sheth
ET Cases, 8 Pages
AUTHOR(S) : Dr. Nagendra V. Chowdary

Case Preview

Online Budget Hotels: Aggregators to Accumulators


Indian Hospitality Industry

1. How did technology change the Indian hospitality industry’s supply-side capabilities?

The Indian hospitality industry relied heavily on manual inventory and rate control, which led to considerable time and resource wastage, overbooking and inconsistent rates across online websites. With technology, hotels are able to automate online inventory and rate management. Hotels can target a larger online market with fewer employees. This gives them the bandwidth to focus on improving quality, customer experience and maximizing revenue. In addition, reviews that are transparent to future customers mean that hotels can no longer hide quality and service issues.

2. How do you think the online segment would affect the competitive fortunes of the brick-and-mortar segment of Indian hospitality industry?

To stay competitive, brick-and-mortar hotels need to focus on online visibility, customer satisfaction and rate competitiveness. The online segment has disrupted the sense of complacency enjoyed by established players. By working with companies such as Vista Rooms, mid-range hotels can now provide services, manage customers and online reach on par with four-star and five-star hotels without the inhibiting cost of adding technology and employees skilled in revenue and reputation management.

3. Certain companies, like FabHotels, operate on a franchisee model. How is this model different from inventory model?

A franchisee model is one where the chain operates the hotel, making all the day-to-day decisions on behalf of the owner – including the hotel operations. The owner is also forced to replace the hotels brand name with the chains. With the inventory model, the hotel is free to use their brand name for the inventory not provided to the chain. Also, in the inventory model the chain does not interfere with the operation of the hotel – which the owners are free to do as they please..........

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Ankita Sheth, Co-founder, Vista Rooms, is your unassuming women entrepreneur at the helm of one of South Asia’s fastest growing ONLINE BUDGET HOTEL  AGGREGATOR. When not actively pursuing social causes, she travels to capture newer locations and properties for Vista Rooms.

Ankita Sheth is a passionate 33-year-old entrepreneur with 8 years of experience with both startups and established companies. She did her Post graduation from  Mumbai Educational Trust (MET) and has worked with organizations such as Stanton Chase (Global Executive Search firm) and Boston Analytics (Analytics firm). She also started her own venture, Providence World, which was an executive search firm with clientele such as KAV & Co Mondelez, Boston Analytics, Jardin Lylod Thompson etc. She also did a short stint with The United Nations, New York & Grand Haytt, Mumbai.

Ankita had successfully executed the Mumbai operations of Oyo Rooms as the head of acquisitions and she was part of the core team and had played a pivotal role in its success. A culturally strong woman with hardbound ideals, she was an innate part of India Against Corruption campaign and has also played an active role in Anna Hazare’s Movement. She is also an active member of a NGO- Young Volunteer Organization (YVO).

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