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Why Employee Bonding Matters?

ET Cases, 5 Pages
AUTHOR(S) : Bala Bharathi Yelamanchi and Dr. Nagendra V. Chowdary

Case Preview

Why Employee Bonding Matters?

On August 4th 2018, sitting in the 20th floor of Lotus Business Park at Andheri West, Mumbai, Arti Sengupta (Arti), Chief Operating Officer (COO) Easy Admissions Pvt Ltd., was feeling very restless as she had been waiting to share her concern with Sanjay Malhotra (Sanjay), CEO of Easy Admissions Pvt Ltd., at the earliest. Though they
planned to meet by sharp 10am, she reached the place much earlier as she couldn’t stay at peace any longer at her home. It’s been 15 minutes past 10am when Sanjay
reached the office. He apologized for the delay as he had to reschedule an appointment with a reputed university. They began the discussion without any further delay.

Sanjay: Good Morning Arti. Hope you are doing fine. In fact, I was quite panicked listening to your voice over phone in the morning.

Arti: Thanks Sanjay, I am fine except for what’s happening at our Delhi center. I received a call yesterday from our HR manager, Pradeep Bhargav (Pradeep), that he received two resignations one after another in a span of two days. And these two employees have been our best performers who contributed a lion’s share of Delhi center’s performance over the last year and both of them have been first recruits of our Delhi branch. And with these two, we would have 3 resignations at Delhi center during last one week. When we received the first resignation a week back, I just thought it was a casual one which happened due to personal reasons. However, when  Pradeep informed me last night about these two, I was taken aback. I am sensing something wrong in the way things are run at Delhi center.

Discussion Questions

I. What according to you is at the heart of these 3 resignations?

II. Do you think had there been better employee bonding, these resignations could have been avoided?

III. What is employee bonding? What is the need and importance of employee bonding?

IV. Is there any way to define the form and shape of employee bonding at any company?



Exhibit I: Cost of Employee Turnover

Teaching Note Preview

Why Employee Bonding Matters?


The purpose of this Teaching Plan is neither to outline the answers to Case Debate’s discussion questions nor to suggest an ideal way of conducting an effective debate basis the given topic. It is more to share the authors’ perspectives, basis their classroom orchestration of this Case Debate, on possible ways of orchestrating this Case Debate.

Purpose of the Case Debate

Purpose of this Case Debate, which is a prelude to the Case Method of Teaching, is to inculcate the following skills [Exhibit (TP)-I] that would amply benefit the participants during their careers.

As this Case Debate is based on a very generic topic, the purpose is not to dwell into only the research-based inputs but more to prepare the students/participants for the process of case discussion – except that while the case discussion would be based on case facts, the Case Debate encourages the students/participants to present their ideas with no rigorous business dilemma...............



Exhibit (TP)-II: Value of an Employee Over the Years

Exhibit (TP)-III: Benefits of Employee Bonding

Exhibit (TN)-IV: Linking Employee Engagement to Business Performance

Exhibit (TP)-V: Four Traits Engaged Employees Exhibit

Exhibit (TP)-VI: Why Employee Bonding Matters?

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If office is the 'second' home for any employee, how happy should an employee be to go to office every day and deliver exceptionally well? All the successful teams - may they be from Companies, NGOs, Sports, Governments, PSUs, Religious Order, Brands, etc. - demonstrate one common ingredient. Commitment from each of the team members' is that ubiquitous ingredient. What makes any team member committed to the cause/purpose? Of the myriad reasons, bonding is at the bedrock of the commitment drive. The comradeship manifests in different ways in any 'purposeful team'. Research shows that workers are happier in their jobs when they have friendships with co-workers. Employees report that when they have friends at work, their job is more fun, enjoyable, worthwhile, and satisfying. Gallup found that close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50% and people with a best friend at work are seven times more likely to engage fully in their work. This Case Debate's objective is to enable an interesting debate on the ways to nurture bonding amongst employees. Are there any best practices to nurture employee bonding? Should companies be mandated of bonding threshold limits? Moot point however is, are there any tried and tested ways to nurture employee bonding? Given the generational divide in companies and boom in startup companies, employee bonding is even more important. As the Case Debate illustrates an intriguing situation - based on a true story - in a startup, even the CEOs must reflect on the ways to engage with employees to nurture the bonding.

This Case Debate centers around (a) The concept of Employee Bonding (b) The need and importance of employee bonding (c) What are the different ways to foster employee bonding? (d) How should Business Heads and CEO design ways to nurture employee bonding? (e) What is HR department’s role in nurturing an engaging and sustainable employee bonding? (f) Are there any best practices that companies can emulate in nurturing employee bonding?

Purpose of this Case Debate, which is a prelude to the Case Method of Teaching, is to inculcate the following skills that would amply benefit the participants during their career:

(a) Ideation
(b) Discussion and Debate
(c) Empathy
(d) Appreciation

Case Debate Positioning and Setting

Depending on the purpose, this Case Debate can be used for either of the following:

  • MBA Programs – Human Resources Management – in Employee Engagement module – To understand the need and importance of employee bonding and discuss on the best possible ways to nurture employee bonding
  • Undergraduate Programs/BBA Programs – To understand the importance of bonding in the context of any team – from Sports, Companies, NGOs,Government, etc. – working on a purpose

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    - Teaching Plan (**ONLY for Academicians)

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